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Power Grown is a well-trusted producer and distributor of high quality plant growth products. We are known to be the number one provider of necessary plant nutrients such as regulators, hormones, and fertilizers. Our products are extracted from natural sources.

We have highly effective plant growth regulators and hormones that are trusted by agriculturist in managing the growth and yields of their plants. We also supply Fulvic Mineral Fertilizers which enable plants to obtain their complete nutrition.

At Power Grown, we aim to enhance your plant growth and plant production via tissue culture, hydroponics or farming. We are your foremost source of premium quality plant growth products. We are your partner when it comes to enhancing your way of farming.

These growth differentials in the Laxton variety of dwarf peas were obtained at Abbot Laboratories by applying various concentrations of gibberellic acid.

Left to right: Control plant, 1 part per million, 10 parts per million, 100 parts per million. Only one application of the acid was made to each plant.



















– Press release image July 1957