Brassinolide is a Brassinosteroid, a plant steroid and is ectracted from rapeseed pollen (Brassica napus from where we get canola oil) .


  • BRs (Brassinolide) have been shown to be involved in numerous plant processes:
  • Promotion of cell expansion and cell elongation. Works with auxin to do so.
  • It has an unclear role in cell division and cell wall regeneration.
  • Promotion of vascular differentiation; BR signal transduction has been studied during vascular differentiation.
  • Is necessary for pollen elongation for pollen tube formation.
  • Acceleration of senescence in dying tissue cultured cells; delayed senescence in BR mutants supports that this action may be biologically relevant.
  • Can provide some protection to plants during chilling and drought stress.
  • Encourages new root growth.
  • Aids in creating clones.

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Rape flowers

Rape flowers-Author unknown. Click to enlarge










Valleys of Rapeseed

Valleys of Rapeseed. -Authors unknown


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