Brassinolide 0.2% 10 grams


This kit comes with 10g Brassinolide 0.1%, measuring scoop and instructions.

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Brassinolide is a Brassinosteroid, a plant steroid also called a plant hormone. The first isolated brassinosteroid, it was discovered when it was shown that pollen from rapeseed could promote stem elongation and cell division. Brassinolide is made from rapeseed pollen, as such its constantly gassing off a yellow gas and will stain its label yellow.

10 Grams of .2% Brassinolide
 For research and development purposes only.
BRs have been shown to be involved in numerous plant processes:
  • Promotion of cell expansion and cell elongation;Works with auxin to do so.
  • It has an unclear role in cell division and cell wall regeneration.
  • Promotion of vascular differentiation; BR signal transduction has been studied during vascular differentiation
  • Is necessary for pollen elongation for pollen tube formation.
  • Acceleration of senescence in dying tissue cultured cells; delayed senescence in BR mutants supports that this action may be biologically relevant.
  • Can provide some protection to plants during chilling and drought stress.
  • Encourages new root growth.

This kit comes with instructions, scoop and 10g water soluble Brassinolide 0.1%.


CAS 72962-43-7 brassinolide in agriculture growth hormone for plant
Appearance: White or light yellow powder

CAS 72962-43-7 brassinolide in agriculture growth hormone for plant

 Item                              Standard
Apperiance White to pale yellow powder
Brassinolide content 0.1% min.
PH 3-7
Water  Insoluble  Matter 5.0% max.
H2O 5.0% max.

              Basic information
Product Name Brassinolide;  Brassins, BR, Kayaminori
Formulations 80% 85%,90% TC/ 0.1%, 0.2% SP/ 0.01% SL/ 0.01%,0.15% EC.
Physical And Chemical Properties Chemical-name: (22R,23R,24R,)-2a,3a,22,23-tetrahydroxy-24-methyl-B-homo-7-oxa-5a-cholestan-6-one)-lactoneChemical family: Natural PGR & Plant extracted Brassinolide

Molecule Formula: C28H48O6

Molecular weight: 480.68

Appearance: Off-white to yellowish power


Application : Brassinolide is a steroidal plant growth regulator. Its function includes:Promote the growth of plant to increase yield.

Raise the ratio of fruit bearing and increase the unit weight.

Enhance the resistance of the plant to drought and cold weather.

Enhance the immunity of the plant. Used in tissue culture, regulate thedifferentiation of the tissue.



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