Triacontanol 99% 10 grams


This kit comes with a measuring spoon, full instructions, and 10 grams of TRI 90%

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For research and development purposes only.


 For research and development purposes only.

Triacontanol for Plant Growth Regulator
1.High purity,
2.Formulation: Triacontanol 30%, 90%,99% TC
3.CAS No.: 593-50-0

Triacontanol for Plant Growth Regulator


1. Chemical Analysis:

 Items Standard
Assay(GC) % NLT 90.0
Total Higher Aliphatic Alcohols  % NLT 98.0
Appearance White powder
Sieve Analysis 100% pass 80 mesh
Melting Point 80-83°C
Solubility Insoluble in water, Soluble in hot hydrocarbon,

alcohol and chloroform

Loss on Drying ≤0.5%
Acid Value ≤1.5
Residue on Lgnition ≤0.1%
Heavy Metals (Pb) ≤3ppm
Arsenic (AS2O3) ≤1.5ppm
Hg ≤1ppm
Cd ≤1ppm


2. Basic Informations:

Product Introduction  Triacontanol is a natural long carbon chain  plant growth regulator, it’s applicable to a variety of crops, and has been widely used in agriculture, horticulture, and forestry.
Physical and chemical Properties 1. Appearance: The pure product is white flaky crystal;

2. Solubility: Triacontanol is insoluble in water, difficult to dissolve in cold ethanol, benzene, soluble in chloroform, methylene chloride. It’s stable to heat. Light, air, heat and alkali;

3. Melting point: 80~87.5 ° c .  Boiling point: under 66.66Pa is 244 degrees centigrade. Relative density: (88 °C ) of 0.777. Storage conditions: 2~8°C.

 Toxicity This product is non-toxic to humans and animals . Mouse oral LD50 is 18750mg/kg, internationally recognized LD50 of 15g/kg when non-toxic.
Mode of actions  Thriacontanol plays a variety of physiological role:

1. To promote energy storage;

2. To improve cell permeability;

3. To increase chlorophyll content and photosynthetic strength;

4. To enhance enzymatic activity, and promote mineral absorption ;

5. To promote seed germination , and rooting,

6. To increase protein dry material content, promote maturation of plants.

 Storage condition  Store in a cool, dry, clean place.


3. Applications and directions:

Crops Dose (mg/L) Time of application Method of application Effect
Rice 0.5~1.0
Young ear differentiation to full panicle stage.
Spray the rice leaves Increase yeild.
Wheat 0.1~0.5 On the flowering stage. Spray the wheat leaves Increase yeild.
Corn 0.1~0.5 Young ear differentiation to tasselling stage Spray the corn leaves Increase yeild
Sweet potato 0.5~1.0 The tuber expansion period Spray the leaves Increase yeild
Peanut 0.5~1.0 Begin flowering stage Spray the leaves Increase yeild
Soybean 0.5 Full flowering stage Spray the leaves Increase yeild
Coleseed 0.5 Full flowering stage Spray the leaves Increse oil yeild
Cotton 0.1 Full flowering stage Spray the leaves Increase yeild
Tomato 0.5~1.0 Flowering stage Spray the leaves Increase yeild
Sugarcane 0.5 Elongating stage of sugarcane Spray the leaves Increase sugar content
Cabbage 0.5~1.0 Growing stage Spray the leaves Increase yeild


4. Precausions:

Triacontanol is not a kind of plant nutrient, the spray concentration can not be blindly increase. It’s not a substitute for fertilizer and other measures to increase production.

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Weight 1 oz


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