Things to Know about Planting

You need more than just a green thumb in order to be successful in your gardening endeavors. For starters, a fruitful gardening also involves the right techniques from digging a hole to transferring your plants. Here are some useful techniques that can help you on your first step to growing your garden.

Dig a Hole

Before you remove your plant from its pot, you need to prepare a hole that is fifty to a hundred percent larger than the plant’s root ball. Then, combine some compost, peat moss or other soil conditioners into the soil you have removed.

Perfect Depth

Create a mound by placing some soil in the center of your hole. Generally, you need the soil line to be at the same point as it was in the pot. But you need to start with the plant sitting a little higher since the loose soil you will be using is bound to settle some. It is usually better to miscalculate on having the plant too high rather than too low.

When the hole is ready, remove the plant from the pot. Make sure that the plant is not root-bound. If the roots have created a solid wall inside of the pot, you will have to gently release them. If you plant it with the bound roots, the plant would be unable to send out new roots and block itself. Try to gently spread the roots atop the mound of soil as you place the plant in the hole.

Unwrapping the Burlap

If you are planting a large shrub or tree that was wrapped in burlap, place the plant on your mound of soil and then untie the burlap. Lean the plant in one direction and pull the burlap underneath it. Then lean it in the opposite direction so that you can pull the burlap out.

Watering your Plant

As you fill in the hole around the plant, leave a hollow around it and fill this with water. Then fill it again several times after it has drained. This dampens the roots and helps the soil to settle and fill in any air pockets that might have formed underground.

Now, you can now fill in the moat with soil and mulch around the plant. Leave a gap in the mulch around the stem or trunk of the plant for air to circulate and prevent rot.

These steps combined with Plants and Stuff products will help you start with your garden. Plant and Stuff is the perfect partner in growing your own garden. We have quality plant regulators, hormones and minerals that can help in bringing the green lushes to your backyard.