Plant Growth Regulators – PGR’s is a trusted source for many who are looking to purchase quality Plant Growth Regulators, (PGR’s) and other related Plant Growth Products. We are considered to be a single source of plant growth regulators and continue to ship our quality line of PGR’s worldwide to horticulture educators, universities, greenhouse operators, farmers, gardeners and others who are seeking optimal “crop yields” and all around healthier, more eye pleasing plants.

Most of our products come in kits, which includes, double bagged, clear packaging, instructions, charts and a measuring spoon. Most of our products will come with instructions on how to use and dissolve.

One plant mineral, namely Fulvic Acid, functions by penetrating the leaf, thereby passing through the cell wall, which causes the uptake of micro-nutrients. Fulvic Acid will help assimilate plant growth regulators and aid in a greater absorption rate. Fulvic Acid has .40% nitrogen and 69% Fulvic Acid.

Humic Acid breaks down clay soil and enhances sandy soil which contributes to an improved water absorption, root formation, and root growth. Humic Acid increases the capacity to chelate trace elements boosting the rate of absorption. Humic Acid has 7% of Potash (K20) and 60% Humic Acid.

Some tips, if you want bigger leaves and bigger flowers, try combining triacontanol and Brassinolide.

If applied at the right stage in a plant’s life, Gibberellic Acid can induce flowering.

Simply your best choice for, Plant Growth Regulators – PGR’s

Our products are suited for the hobbyist and the professional.

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